50 Shades of Green

March for the Future of Provincial New Zealand

Wellington March to Parliament

Rural NZ has had a gutsful

WHEN: 14 November, 2019

TIME: 11 AM – Civic Square.  Expect to be at Parliament 1 PM.  Welcome speeches at Civic Square, 65 Victoria St, Te Aro, Wellington (see map under the registration form).

OUR PURPOSE: To demonstrate and communicate that we will not be ridden over roughshod by a political agenda which shows no regard for genuine community wellbeing or genuine democratic consultation. The rural sector is being excluded from critical policy making decisions at the same time that anti farming lobbyists are being ushered in. We are calling the Government out. We deserve a level playing field and a fair go.

A FAIR GO. That’s all NZ Farming communities are asking for.

We are the men and women who grow your food. We work in the rain, sun, snow and wind to take care of this land, our animals and families.

We ask for a fair go on Emissions (Net ZCB) – We own land, which is  home to hundreds of thousands, even millions of trees and yet our emissions reductions targets are unnecessarily high and ‘gross’ while other emitters have ‘net’ targets which will be met by planting what remains of our farms and communities in trees.

We ask for a fair go on Water Regulations.  We are custodians of vast waterways, a role we have embraced over the last 20 years and into which huge investments have been  made.   We were not properly consulted on the Freshwater Reforms.  None of our elected representatives were permitted at the table to provide a voice on our behalf.  Meanwhile environmental lobby groups were ushered in to share in the spoils of an unfettered political agenda. We need local solutions to local problems, and we need to be heard.

We ask for a fair go on Land Use Changes (ETS):  The Government never originally intended to return carbon credits to foresters for carbon sequestration, the forestry industry lobbied for over 6 years to achieve this outcome.  This artificial market for sequestered units will drive escalating afforestation by international and domestic investors at an unprecedented scale should the ‘free market’ be given its head and allowed to bolt onto our hills.  Our Communities are not carbon sinks, our people matter more than that.

We ask a fair go for Mental Health.  The Farmers of New Zealand and their families are being painted as environmental vandals by their own Government. The persistent focus on farming being a ‘problem’ is perpetuating the groundswell of disgusting behaviour targeting farmers and even their children by extremist activists intent on furthering their own agendas. This campaign against rural businesses and their families can not be ignored or worse, given credibility by the Government, or rural families will ultimately pay the price.

PARKING: Parking in Wellington is limited, we sugggest parking at either Petone, Waikanae trainstations, trains run on the hour. Or fill a bus for the return journey. Example Masterton is $21 per person return for a full bus.

PROTEST GENERAL RULES: We are there to elevate our voices and present our concerns.  Please remember we are representing more than ourselves, we request respectful behaviour at all times.

AFTER MARCH: TBC there will be food and beverages

SIGNAGE: Be creative with your signs, here’s some tips for effective sign creation:

  1. Have a clear message
  2. Use humour and wit
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Remember that presentation matters
  5. Be passionate
  6. No personal attacks

Play the game, not the man, nothing personal.  We reserve the right to ban offensive signs.

Check this page regularly for updates and safety and legal guidelines

Option to DOWNLOAD one of ours signs or send us your suggestions to add into our examples :  Signage for the protest walk can be printed in A4, A3, or A2 size formats. Click on image to download portrait version (PDF). The landscape version is available to download under each thumbnail – click on link.

PS:  If unable to join us on the 14th, wear rural green in support, take a pix, load to social, #50SOG, #saveourfarms-nz, Tag 50shadesofgreen-nz and share!