50 Shades of Green

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That legislation which incentivises the blanket afforestation of farmland be rejected.

We ask you to join your name to our petition and stand alongside us as we defend our common right to live and work on the land, growing food for our country sustainably, ethically and for the benefit of all New Zealand.

This petition forms the basis of a call to action on behalf of the rural communities and supporting sectors of provincial New Zealand.

There has never been such an imminent threat to food production in New Zealand as that which looms over us in the form of current government policies which align across multiple government portfolios designed to meet specific policy agendas. These combined, create a massive assault on the viability of rural businesses, on sustainable land use, on infrastructure and ultimately on the lives of those living the experience of this assault.

We need your support as we fight to provide a voice for the industries and communities rendered defenceless in the face of ill-conceived afforestation incentives which are already leading to unemployment displacement and declining standards of living for those left behind.  The tension between competing land uses has long existed between forestry and pastoral farming; however never has a government provided the mechanisms for one to obliterate the other to the extent that this potential now exists

It is this case that we ask your support in defending.

Not that forestry should be maligned, but that the Government of today and Governments going forward must be made to see that crippling small towns through distorted market incentives is morally wrong, economically foolish and will impact vulnerable individuals and communities for generations to come.

We have already picked up the torch of environmental restoration and we willingly carry it legacy we leave for those who come after us; in this we are already united, but a crippled community can restore nothing, and an empty community will not care.

We ask that the House of Representatives reject legislation which allows industrial carbon emissions to be offset by afforestation of farmland.

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This petition has now closed (13/11/2019).

Thank you very much to all those that supported our petition to Goverment.