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In partnership with B+LNZ we are launching the @KiwisBackingFarmers campaign.
The campaign is aimed at raising awareness for the overwhelming wave of environmental policies and proposals threatening the future of NZ’s sheep and beef farms. In particular for us, that the Government urgently needs to curb the out-of-control conversion of sheep and beef farms into carbon farms. As our followers know, we are not anti-forestry and many of our farmers already have trees on their farms and integrating more where they see fit.
We need your help to ensure our farmers can continue to produce the world’s best beef and lamb because it’s obvious, as the carbon price increases, more and more productive farms are being sold so fossil fuel emitters can offset their emissions rather than reduce them in the first place. We continue to ask for practical changes that work for the environment, farmers and rural and provincial communities.
Underpinned by a microsite www.kiwisbackingfarmers.nz, the campaign encourages people to write to Ministers and MPs asking for specific policy changes. It’s easy and you can support us by checking a few boxes and clicking send from www.kiwisbackingfarmers.nz
We can’t thank our followers enough for the support since our first post in 2019 but now more than ever we need your help!
Please show your support by visiting the www.kiwisbackingfarmers.nz website to send an email to the Ministers and MPs asking for changes to policy. Please also help our new campaign by donating using the donation form on this page. 

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