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Here is what New Zealand politicians seem to want for New Zealand:

  1. An ever increasing population. If the population continues to grow by around 100,000 per year, our 5 million will be 13 million by the end of this century. Every extra person creates more GHG emissions. How will that affect our commitment to the Paris Accord? 91 countries have static or declining populations. We can’t plant trees until we run out of land…
  2. Recent governments seem to favour international tourism as preferable to farming. But if air travel is brought into the Paris Accord, tourist numbers will face rapid reduction. And New Zealanders travelling abroad spend nearly as much as tourists coming here.
  3. World population is predicted to rise to 11.2 billion by the end of this century. What will have greater value, food or wood?
  4. Pastoral farming covers 40% of New Zealand, horticulture 2%. Only 17% of New Zealand is flat, and suitable for intensive agriculture. We are busy squandering our good land under houses and lifestyle blocks. If half our hill country is planted in trees, because of taxpayer subsidy of carbon credits, we will have less than a quarter of our land area for growing food. Will that cope with a much bigger population, plus provide as much export income as from agriculture today? The more intensive the agriculture, the greater the need for sprays and nitrogen fertiliser.
  5. Who knows what the market for wood will be in 30-40 years time? Or will logging twenty times in five hundred years be found to be unsustainable?
  6. New Zealand is one of the remote countries in the world. Common sense would argue for self sufficiency in energy(currently oil, coal and renewables), rather than having to import. There is lots of hope for a cheap and endless, clean source of energy. But let’s be practical until/if it does arrive.

Nations like Norway and the USA have relished the opportunity to be self sufficient for energy. Energy security and food security should never be taken for granted. But rules are currently being made, for the most part, by people who have never been hungry, never run a farming business, and never fought in a war.


Derek Daniell

3 thoughts on “Here is what New Zealand politicians seem to want for New Zealand:”

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  2. If you understand Agenda 21 – the UN’s agenda for the 21st century, then you begin to understand what our globalist politicians want for NZ. Unfortunately, it involves losing our sovereignty, being ruled by the UN and major changes to every aspect of our way of life. Growing food for people is not high on the list of priorities because people are not the priority.
    Some good articles on Agenda 21 are on the ” Wake Up New Zealand” website.
    Thanks for your great articles.

  3. I completely agree. We cannot eat trees. The whole thing is short sighted and only focused on making us look good internationally. People have forgotten or don’t want to know what make this country thrive. Another thing is that as tourism is looked upon as the saving grace, do you think these tourists want to come when what was an iconic NZ landscape, is now covered in pine trees? Not to mention how awful it looks when these hills are being milled. Armageddon comes to mind. The damage the trees are doing to the soil and water supply doesn’t seem to be taken in to account at all. Areas will dry out and there will be less water available for irrigation. Funny that when spending 16 million dollars spraying out wilding pines this was one of the arguments for doing it! The world has gone mad!! The sad thing is ,as the population grows, it will have zero impact on climate change.

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